Jamie Danneberg RDN

Registered Dietitian and Caregiver

Jamie Dannenberg aka CJ, of thirdwheelED, is a registered dietitian and caregiver to her partner, Jamie Bushell aka OJ (pronouns they/them). CJ was ironically finishing her last year of graduate school to become a registered dietitian when OJ was first hospitalized for their eating disorder and co-occurring mental illnesses.  CJ’s background, both personally and professionally, offers a highly valuable and unique insight into what it is like to navigate through our seemingly broken mental health system to get the care that a loved one needs. She understands the unique challenges that non-parent caregivers and marginalized communities, like queer folx, face while helping a loved one recover from an eating disorder.  Find Jamie at: Facebook: @thirdwheelED and Twitter: @thirdwheelED as well as Instagram: @thirdwheelED

CJ’s Talk on NEDA’s Family Panel 2016: https://youtu.be/nUMuYpkmnQo